Spending a lot of time online, I occasionally see various brands in the midst of a social media meltdown. Originally, I would just grab the proverbial popcorn and watch them burn the situation to the ground, but since I became responsible for five Twitter accounts with a combined reach of about…


So blackmilk have been deleting and banning people who are leaving criticism on their posts now, no matter how nice they are they’ll get banned. Even comments asking if facebook has been glitching have been removed and the commentators banned. I’m tossing up putting the original screencaps on here, because censoring 150+ names is going to suck.I dunno, in my opinion telling loyal customers to unlike and not buy from you because they didn’t get/appreciate your joke seems like a bad move from a retail perspective. Alienating girls who had planned on spending a lot of money right before a release? Not a good move.I am prepared for dat sharkie hate, and before you tell me yes I know it’s their right to do whatever they want and it’s their page blah blah, I know and understand all of that. Just like it’s my right to comment on their behavior and it’s my right to expect good customer service from a company I’ve been buying from for 2+ years.

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